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Puroflux offers an array of design configurations for our pump package systems.

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Duplex Pump Packages Series

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Puroflux is committed to meet our customer’s technical requirements, schedules and budgets. Our engineering staff’s attention to detail and dedication to provide the best possible service, along with our focus on quality manufacturing and response time is unparalleled.

Pump package systems can be designed based on a specific written specification, functional requirements or even from a verbal description of required operation. Each pump package system will contain carefully matched components for proper operation.

Every pump package system is functionally tested and must pass a rigorous quality control check prior to shipment. A complete hydrostatic and operational test is performed on every pump package system. All control circuits are checked for continuity and hot tested at voltage.

Each interface point is checked, labeled and matched to the engineering drawings for ease of installation in the field. The completed pump package system is accompanied by a full set of documentation including CAD layout and wiring schematic, component description and operating sequences.


  • PUROFLUX pump packages ensure a greater reliability of the overall system operation. Each pump package system is built to meet the unique requirements of a specific application.
  • PUROFLUX pump package systems offer the simplest possible solution for both retrofit and new construction.

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